Build the Habit of Meditation

Meditation is when the body and mind are still and the heart is open. When we quiet our mind and body, and open our heart, we are able to reach subtler levels of who we are - a divine spirit.

Sometimes it can be difficult to start meditating regularly or to stay inspired once you've started. But having support can be a huge help!

Explore yoga philosophy and techniques for achieving greater peace and happiness. Whether you are new to meditation, re-establishing a practice, or looking for fresh inspiration, this course will guide you on how to attain wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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Ancient Keys to Achieving Success and Happiness

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Who are we? And what were we made of? These questions have been tackled by philosophers throughout the ages.Something within us yearns to know who we are and what this is all about. We yearn for meaning and purpose. 

In a society where meaning and truth has been lost, let us rediscover ancient wisdom. Combining the ancient wisdom of the East, with the modern practicality of the west, can guide us to live in the highest truth, in your highest potential. 

Within you lies the energy to accomplish all that you will to do. You hold the key between success or failure, joy or sorrow, peace or anxiety. Harnessing your will and energy, can unlock undreamed of potential. 

What are you seeking?

Not too long ago I was in Anaheim to speak at the Anaheim Mindfulness Expo. As we walked into the Anaheim Convention Center the energy seemed very different than what I expected. We wandered around a few of the great halls for a while trying to figure out where to go. It didn’t seem like a mindfulness expo at all. Read more...

Living in the present moment

Living in the present moment is probably one of the most challenging attitudes for human beings to learn. Why is it so? Well, because we just don’t know how to! We live so conditioned by our past experiences and attached to our future hopes, that the present moment is something that most of us simply don’t think about. There is always something else to think about. Read more...

What do I need to start my meditation practice?

It's true you don't actually need any special gear to be able to meditate. You may meditate in chair with couch cushions used for any support you might need. But specially-made gear can make the experience much more comfortable, especially if you'd like to meditate on the floor. Read more...